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Addison is always happy to do book signings at his speaking events or attend virtual meetings/book signings (ie., Zoom, Team Meet, etc.).  Book signings at your event builds a helpful way to inspire support and increase the aspirations of young or older enthusiast.


Addison is available to visit schools, libraries, conferences and similar events to give presentations about his work.  Presentations are adjusted to accommodate any audience or age level, from grade schools to college students to professionals.


When Addison speaks to children he discusses his intrigue for art and education.  He processes through his journey of becoming an author from his love of cartoons as a child to professional illustrating and voice over.  He also reads his published works and shares the vision behind his inspiration and illustrating.  He gives lessons of encouragement for following dreams through processing writing skills, illustrating demonstrations, and publication.


Addison is also happy to present to adults about the details of his creative process from start to finish.  He demonstrates story development to illustration techniques leading to publication and marketing.  For more information about scheduling an event, go to the Appearance Honorarium page.




Book Ordering and Signing


Addison has nothing to do with the distribution of book ordering or selling. Some book sellers may provide educational discounts for fundraising to educational institutions. Contact your local bookseller for more information, or feel free to contact us to learn how you can purchase directly from publishers with an education discount.


When you’re ready to arrange an event, or have questions, please email us at


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